Kibosec Security Update

Kibosec Security Updates are half-day long security trainings on current topics in information security.

  • The ideal introduction to a topic
  • A compact summary of the key facts

Current topic: Ransomware

Ransomware (also known as crypto-trojans) has been a prominent topic during the last year, with major companies and organisations like hospitals becoming infected and even being subject to total data loss. With most victims being unprepared, typically paying the ransom is the only way for keeping up operations and regaining access to critical data. In this half-day ramp-up training we explicitly concentrate on different forms and types of ransomware, analyzing the most prominent ways of infection and demonstrating the typical attack process. The main focus of this training lies in providing the participants with means for preventive and reactive counter-strategies in order to prevent infections with ransomware, as well as mitigate the damage caused by successful infections.


  • History and different forms of ransomware
  • Typical mechanisms
  • A-priori mitigation strategies (prevention)
  • A-posteriori mitigation strategies (reaction)


  • none